Feb. 25, 1962

Lyle & Mona remember: Beth Bordner, now in California, Several times Board president, Beth understood the intent of the founders of the fellowship and provided tremendous leadership to the fellowship.

Judy: Beth was one of our best presidents we’ve ever had. Very innovative. She laid the groundwork for a lot of what we do, like setting goals, she organized the board so that each member had a function.
Rhoda: On the 4th of July we’d go over to their place, it was right on the water, watch the fireworks, and dodge the ones that went off sideways! Beth worked very hard on a lot of things.
Gary: She was president for some years.
Rhoda: They had kiwi trees growing around their house. Richard was an architect.
Gary: yes, Richard was an architect, and when we used to be at the land trust building, he would set up before the fellowship meeting and the seating was always circular around a sand display that he would sculpt.
?: I bought their previous house from them – the one they moved out of in 1999.