Topic: Mystery

Ritual of a New Year

The service is about letting go, metaphoric cleansing and quenching of thirst, setting of intentions, self-anointing, healing, new beginnings and possibilities. It is a service of words, music and ritual. At each stop around the circle of flame, water, earth, and air/light, each person becomes … read more.

Sunday Service

Join us for a warm and contemplative service as we consider the mysteries that the holidays may bring.  Cookie swap to follow!

Holiday Pageant

The students of RE will be leading the service in presenting a “No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant.”  There will be lots of singing, costumes, and cheer as we re-tell the age-old story of a baby born in a manger one starry night.  Drawing on our own Universalist … read more.

O.W.L. – What’s it All About?

Nancy Slocum, RE Consultant, will join us to explain the Mystery of OWL.  Included will be readings of “Sex and Swimming” and “UU Principles and Sexual Ethics.”

This week in RE, we’ll be working on preparing for the annual holiday pageant: costumes, set, and music! The … read more.