This Breath, This Body

Guest speaker Koshin Cain, Abbott of the Puget Sound Zen Center, will talk on the subject “For the Buddha, present moment awareness is the foundation of wisdom and compassion.”

There will be a Sunday Market, and after the service we will have a very special “Continuing … read more.

True Courage

“We may tend to think of soldiers and warriors when we think of courage. Unitarian minister John Haynes Holmes was a pacifist during World War I. It took enormous courage to resist the tide of propaganda and jingoism of the time. What kinds of courage … read more.

Attending to Our Highest Needs

Sunday Service. Guest speaker Rev. Matt Aspin will speak on “Attending to Our Highest Needs.”

Youth RE. This week we will explore this month’s theme of “Attention.” We will do some brain gym, a visual/aural meditation by Marconi Union called “Weightless” and we will work on mastering … read more.