Author: VIUF Administrator

Postcards are Ready!

We now have five more packets of 20 postcards each for people to pick up at church on Sunday, to encourage people in Georgia to vote in the mid-term elections. These are due mid-October, so you have plenty of time to write. If you want … read more.

October Quarterly Statements

Just a heads up – Kirk is on a long vacation and won’t be gathering the info for us to send you quarterly statements until the end of October, instead of early October.  Thank you for your patience.

SeaBurt 2.0 – at Lewis Hall

Dear Friends,

We belong together.  The news is hard.  It helps me to know you are all out there doing whatever you can to make our planet more livable, more just, more loving, and more welcoming.

As this new month dawns, as the new service year beckons … read more.

VIGA Fundraisers

VIGA has two amazing fundraisers coming up in September so mark your calendars! Growing local, eating local, selling local helps reduce our carbon footprints….VIUF supports VIGA!

Earthen Bistro will be hosting a fundraising dinner on behalf of VIGA on Sept 11, 2022 at 5:30 pm. There will be a … read more.

Minister Search Update

The quarter time minister position is posted to the UUA Job Search board. So far we have not had any applications. The search committee is taking proactive steps to help spread the word about the position. We are reaching out to regional UUA Ministers, UUA … read more.

Committee Sign-Ups

As a lay-led community, it really does take a village. As you look at ways to spend your time, foster community and participate with VIUF in the coming year, we invite you to join one of the many committees that are needed to support the … read more.

VIUF Minister Search Committee Invitation

With the approval of the 2022-2023 VIUF budget at this year’s Membership meeting a VIUF Minister Search Committee has been created and you are invited to join us! We have started the process of posting the job description on the UUA website. Potential candidates will have the … read more.

Postcards are ready!

Consider how you want to contribute to positively impact politics in our country, and particularly Florida. Our newest batch of postcards goes to Florida voters, encouraging them to get out and vote in their mid-terms.

We have 300 postcards to send, with another 300 available, if … read more.