Author: VIUF Administrator

From Catherine Sullivan

Why do I serve on the Board?

Being a good steward of this church.
Gaining a deeper connection with others in our community.
Learning and connecting with national and regional UU resources and opportunities.
The knowledge that we are doing important work, this church community matters and it’s important … read more.

What’s in a Name? – Some VIUF History

“We are braver and wiser because they existed, those strong women and strong men. We are who we are because they were who they were. It’s wise to know who you came from, who called your name.”  –Maya Angelou

Beginning with our religious forebears and continuing … read more.

Postcards Available

You can pick up postcards at Beth’s house starting tomorrow/Thursday at 10:00.

They address the importance of Black & Latinx voters getting out to vote on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Postcards will also be available to pick up at Sunday service.

A Message From Craig Hull

I have served on four VIUF boards over the last several years.  Each board I served on has given me a profound appreciation for those who volunteer their time and talents to assure the continued success of our Fellowship.  I encourage each of you to take … read more.

A note from Leah Mann

Hello Friends at VIUF,

Hope this note finds you well. I am writing to share that Lelavision (Leah Mann) has been invited to do an art residency for youth relocated to Istanbul due to the earthquakes in southern Turkey.

We will be facilitating playshops, musical instrument making … read more.

Postcards! Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Beth is returning from her trip to Mexico this week and plans to bring postcards on Sunday. More info below:

We’re writing postcards to registered Black and Latinx voters. Why are postcarding outside of our traditional target states?

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court will rule this summer on whether to … read more.

Lewis Hall Update

The heaters are getting fixed, but have to be inspected, which can’t happen until next week.

As of now, there is no heat at Lewis Hall and there may be times without lights/electricity.

So, if you are holding meetings at Lewis Hall in the next week, … read more.