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Board Updates

We met last Monday and devoted most of our meeting to the quandary of “when and if” we will begin meeting in person at Lewis Hall.

We appreciated the diligence of Catherine Sullivan, Bob Blauvelt and Helene Miller in framing the discussion for us in a … read more.

I Am Afraid of Nearly Everything

I Am Afraid of Nearly Everything
By Anonymous

I am afraid of nearly everything:
of darkness,
children mutilated.

But most of all, I am afraid of what I might become:
reconciled to injustice,
resigned to fear and despair,
lulled into a life of apathy.

Unchain my … read more.

A Message from the Treasurer

I’m highlighting the status of VIUF’s financial state through the 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021-22 (our half way point):

Pledges and Non-pledge Donations

1)     Of those congregants who made pledges at the beginning of the year, 67% have made contributions toward pledge fulfillment. I’m … read more.

Please update your contact info!

We are getting ready to send out an updated directory of members and friends.  If you have moved, have a new phone number, email address, name change, etc… please send a note to Runa with your changes – this week – so we can include … read more.

Exercise for Embracing Joy

New Year’s time often involves resolutions — things that we set our minds to do. Some folks
treat it like a challenge, some folks have a basic idea, general and high-level, others are more
specific. Some people have a plan, a way of holding themselves … read more.

Zoom presentation Friday on Reparations

Register for this…… Friday December 31st 12:00 PM (Pacific time)-zoom presentation

Learn more about reparations from Black leaders in the movement, and how you can incorporate reparations into your resolutions for 2022!

“For many, New Year’s Eve is a chance to reflect, to look back, to take stock, … read more.