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Climate Power Call to Action

“My Build Back Better framework will make historic investments in clean energy, the most significant investment to deal with the climate crisis that any advanced nation has made, ever.”
— President Biden today at the U.N. Climate Conference (COP26)

We’ve been saying it all … read more.

Outside the Box

We welcome your creative contributions to our monthly edition of “Outside the Box”.  Please send us your own short writing (not longer than one page) in poetry or prose.  Our VIUF theme for November is “Holding History” in case that might inspire you. The next … read more.

From the Facilities Team

From the Facilities Team

Please double check that all the wall heaters that have been turned on have been turned OFF when leaving Lewis Hall.

Also: This is currently in the Burton Church basement- History? Works? Ready for recycle? Looks abandoned & good rat habitat – anyone … read more.

October Outside the Box

The first issue of Outside the Box, curated by Judy Whitney.. enjoy!

For those in VIUF who like poetry and pondering and reading the musings of others we are restarting “Outside the Box”, a monthly column of short writings by VIUF members and friends which will … read more.

Brainstorming Community Building and Fun….

Join us this Friday evening Oct 29th from 7:30-8:30 for a brain-storming zoom call on building community!  How can we keep up our own spirits and each others’, safely but not in isolation?

Another talent show,  Secret Buddies,  a pet show, sharing poetry or photos, warm treats … read more.