There are many way to help feel at home here at Vashon Island Unitarian Church.
You can:

  • join us after worship for food and fellowship
  • participate in a Reflection & Action Hour
  • join a committee
  • come to an event
  • and many, many more activities:
    • BUUK GROUP: An informal group that meets once a month to discuss books about history, social justice, and contemporary literature. Contact Melvin Macke.
    • CHOIR: Leads singing at the Sunday services. Contact Alix Clarke.
    • CIRCLE DINNERS: Host or attend a dinner for a small group. Contact Rhoda Karausaitis.
    • MUSIC MENDS MINDS: VIUF leads this program the third 3rd Tuesday of each month at Vashon Community Care, 1:30­2:30. CONTACT Alix Clarke.
    • SMALL GROUPS: There are currently three ongoing “Build Your Own Theology” groups who meet regularly. Do you have a desire to belong to a short­ or long ­term group that helps you use your belief system? CONTACT any member of the Board.
    • UU LUNCH AND CONVERSATION: All welcome to join at Rock Island Pizza, 1p.m. the second Tuesday of each month.