Memorial for Rhoda Karusaitis

Rhoda Karusaitis
February 8, 1935–May 20, 2023

Our beloved member, Rhoda Karusaitis died peacefully on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at Weatherly Inn in Tacoma after several days of visits by family and friends. She willed her body to the University of Washington, so … read more.

A poem

This is the poem read by Craig Hull just prior to our Annual Meeting last week.

Being a work in progress is diametrically opposed to being perfect
by Stephanie Trudel (From a sermon entitled Work in Progress)

Being a work in progress is diametrically opposed to being … read more.

Your Board for Next Year

We are proud to announce your newly elected board.  Over the summer, we will be getting everyone set up, changing hands, and welcoming new board members into the fold.

President: Kim Kambak (7/1/2023-6/30/2024)
Vice President: Ann Lewis (7/1/2023-6/30/2024)
Secretary: Kate O’Hare (7/1/2023-6/30/2025
Treasurer: Kirk Barker … read more.

Our New Name! 

We are thrilled to share that at the Annual Meeting last Sunday, the vote to change our name was passed.  We are now Vashon Island Unitarian Universalists – or VIUU for short.  

It will take a little time to get everything changed over – from our … read more.

Annual Meeting Documents

In accordance with our bylaws, our Annual Meeting will be held on May 21st during our usual service time @ 9:45am.  Members are asked to come in person for the vote. If you are unable to come in person – you will be able to attend and … read more.

Pen Pal Thank You

“Radical love will save you. Your bylaws won’t.”
-Rev. Sarah Schurr  |  Pacific Western Region, Congregational Life Staff

Thank you to all the VIUF members who were pen pals for the 3rd graders at Chautauqua Elementary school this spring.  Putting our creed into our deeds!