Pursuing Justice – Trauma and Repair

Date(s) - 05/03/2022
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Join VIUF for this 4 week exploration of reparations – the bridge between truth and reconciliation.

Together we will learn and process the facts, diverse perspectives, and paths forward as we seek to heal the trauma of stolen land and enslavement and its ongoing repercussions. 

Many White people in the United States are pushing beyond denial of our country’s inhumane treatment of indigenous and Black peoples. We are beginning to recognize that systematic racism is at the root of the grossly disproportionate rates of poverty, unemployment, incarceration, low home ownership, and health disparities among Black and indigenous peoples. 

VIUF believes that compassion, clear understanding, and informed actions are essential parts of a path to justice. Together we will cover such topics as the role of the white savior, the psychological ramifications of our history, and the spiritual foundations of restorative justice. 

Starting Tuesday, April 19, we will meet by Zoom for 4 weekly sessions, from 6-7:30 PM (Pacific). All are welcome. Bring your curiosity and come ready to engage!

Please purchase The Little Book of Restorative Justice and Race by Fania Davis from your local bookstore or Amazon for $5. Other recordings and readings are available online. Follow this link for more details _________________________

For questions, more details, or to sign up, contact Tanya Roberts: 240-505-6110 or  

Week 3, May 3, Tuesday – Trauma and Repair 


Read – Transforming Ghosts into Ancestors, Unsilencing the psychological case for reparations to descendants of American slavery, B. Nichols and M. L. Connolly Transforming Ghosts Into Ancestors: Un-silencing The Psychological Case For Reparations To Descendants Of American Slavery* | Other/Wise (wordpress.com)

Read (on reverse side) – 1 sheet from My Grandmother’s Hands ?

Read Chapters 4-7 in The Little Book of Restorative Justice and Race by Fania Davis

Read – THE HARM IS TO OUR GENES: TRANSGENERATIONAL EPIGENETIC INHERITANCE AND SYTEMIC RACISM IN AMERICA, N’COBRA The Harm Is to Our Genes: Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance and Systemic Racism in America – National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) (ncobraonline.org)  

Group discussion on Zoom