Community Dinners: We prepare a free public dinner once a month, part of an island-wide program to guarantee a meal every night to anyone in need. Volunteers come early to prepare and serve the meal, then have a convivial meal of their own afterward. The clientele includes the homeless, the housebound, and anyone seeking food and community. More volunteers are always welcome. Contact Bob Blauvelt for more information. This is a great activity for the whole family.

Community Giving: On the third Sunday of each month, we pass the plate not for the ongoing need to sustain our Fellowship but for the needs of others beyond our walls. We choose a non-profit, international, national or local, whose values are consistent with our own. Often a guest speaker from the non-profit comes to tell us about their activities. Contact Chris Greenlee if you have suggestions for recipient organizations.

Scholarship: We select a Vashon student each year as recipient of the Bernice Black Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is awarded to a student with an interest in a career in teaching or related fields.