The Unitarian Universalist Association, our parent organization, puts out a call once a year for us to take up a specific issue for study and action. The call in 2010 was to study and act on Immigration as a Moral Issue. We have taken that to heart, with an ongoing involvement with immigration reform for our country and concern for immigrants everywhere.

We focus especially on the plight of detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, where up to 1575 persons are imprisoned awaiting deportation proceedings. We vigil on the second Saturday of each month, supporting families coming to visit detainees. It is highly informative and moving to be there and hear the stories of people who have come to our country seeking asylum or a better life, then have been caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare with none of the rights we ordinarily expect in our country. Contact Dave Kearney or Melvin Mackey for more information.

The most recent call to study and action is on Escalating Inequality. We are currently exploring more about this very broad topic and how we can best act. We hope to develop both an effective advocacy for reforms at the national and state level, but also a service project to ameliorate some of the effects within our own community.

Social Justice is part of our Sunday services as well. Recent programs have included one on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1965 Selma march, and two on economic inequality and its consequences. Our Religious Education program for children and youth also includes a significant emphasis on social justice.