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Honoring One Another in Gratitude

Come and learn about one another and how we live our Unitarian traditions in our homes, in our relationships, in our community and our world.

Parenting With Pride

Now, more than ever, parents of LGBTQ+ youth are called to stand up and act in support of our children. June is Pride Month, and Julie Shannon shares her story along with the dangers facing Proud Parents in parts of the US today.

Gritty Stubborn Hope

Keeping hope alive during difficult times is not for the faint of heart. Join us for a journey into sources of inspiration, integrity and beauty that can guide us through life’s complex circumstances.

Rev. Joe Rettenmaier is a UU minister in preliminary fellowship with the UUA. … read more.

Annual Meeting

The Board will give a year in review report.

We will honor our members who have given so much of their time and talent to our fellowship throughout the past year.

We will present our vision for the upcoming service year and give information about the summer … read more.


What do you think of when you hear the word transformation or the expression “transformative experience”? Most definitions include the words “life-changing” and “permanent.” But some are so small and brief we may not appreciate them, and others so gradual we may not notice them … read more.

Living in Harmony

New VIUF member, Marsha Shenk, will briefly introduce ecosystem intelligence (ecosystemiQ.) Join us for a simple practice that brings a fresh approach to one of our core tenets – one that feels especially challenging in these uncertain times, and perhaps more important than ever. Participate … read more.

Affordable Housing

Join Gedney Barclay from Vashon HouseHold on Sunday May 1 at Lewis Hall for a conversation about Vashon’s current affordable housing crisis: what we’re currently doing, and what else we can do as a community to tackle the issue. The conversation will begin with a … read more.

Hope – Flower Ceremony


This year’s Flower Ceremony will mark the beginning of a new era, as we return to Lewis Hall for our first hybrid service. Our theme for Sunday will be “Hope,” with our collective awareness of the suffering of many peoples at war, the climate crisis, … read more.