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A Bittersweet Season

Join us in person at Lewis Hall or on Zoom:

The most profound experiences of longing and sorrow are inextricably bound together with joy and beauty. Poignant feelings of nostalgia, regret, yearning are precisely what make us wholly human. Especially at this time of year, … read more.

Uncertainty and Imagination

Join us in person at Lewis Hall or on Zoom:

During times of transition and ambiguity our Beloved Community explores the wonder of Imagination as we learn to move forward into change. Members are invited to stay for an important Vote on … read more.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Join us in person at Lewis Hall or on Zoom:

The December 4th Sunday Service, “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend,” will be offered by the Transcending Mystery and Wonder Team.  During this dark season of the year, we will explore the positive … read more.

Build Kinder Habits

Shauna Ahern will be talking about how important it is for us all to become kinder to others and to ourselves, and how we can build those habits into our lives.

Thankful For Change

While change may be inevitable, there are those changes that we can be thankful for. Looking inside and out, let’s welcome change and share how change has been a source of joy in our lives.

The Mystery and Imponderables of Change

What is change? Is it good, or bad?

Do we fear it or embrace it? Or both? Why?

Over the years, has our experience of change – changed?

Explore this month’s theme with Carla and each other. We will probe and ponder together this perplexing, inescapable, and ultimately … read more.

Life is Change, Love Remains

In times of change, we instinctively reach for something to hold on to. Yet what may initially seem solid, like our routines and the way we’ve always done things, can be shifting. And what may seem intangible, like our values of love, could be the … read more.

Courage to Connect

Please join our beloved community as we celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Bring photographs, recipes, flowers, and other memorabilia that reminds you of a deceased loved one for our community offerenda.

Writer, artist and educator, Kara Jones will be speaking to us remotely … read more.

Do Unitarians Pray?

The Transforming Mystery and Wonder team will explore prayer from a non-traditional perspective, Sunday, October 23rd. We will each share our personal sensibilities on the many definitions of prayer, and how we incorporate them in our lives. How do you pray?