Fun is NOT Canceled

Join us on Zoom:
If prompted to use a password, it is: 2020

Our year-end service promises to be a FUN filled PLAY infused service!

We will be honoring all we’ve experienced through the last service year. As well as setting our intentions and vision for the future.

Guest Speakers:
Marla Durden founder of Modern Root Woman is a coach, facilitator and a certified InterPlay leader. She has facilitated circles and transformational life experiences for individuals and groups for 20 years. A highly sensitive, intuitive empath and energy shaman, with life-long studies in leadership, Marla sees beyond the veil to help creatives and leaders access the power of heart coherence and the clarity of Soul purpose to align their lives with their highest vision and greatest gifts.

Soyinka Rahim, GSP, is a Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner, and the founder of BIBOLOVE, which stands for breathe in, breathe out love. She is a performing artist, a Conference Weaver, and certified InterPlay leader from Oakland, CA. An energizing and engaging artist and facilitator, Soyinka guides multiracial, multi-gender, multigenerational groups to honor the self as well as our connection to our earth, our ancestors and each other. She helps participants and audiences tap into their authentic selves using breath, chants, movement, and storytelling.