Speaker: Carla Pryne

The Mystery and Imponderables of Change

What is change? Is it good, or bad?

Do we fear it or embrace it? Or both? Why?

Over the years, has our experience of change – changed?

Explore this month’s theme with Carla and each other. We will probe and ponder together this perplexing, inescapable, and ultimately … read more.

Resilience: Bouncing back – or not?

Please join us this Sunday for service and religious exploration.

Carla Pryne presents “Resilience: Bouncing Back – or Not?”
“I’m curious: what are the internal patterns which erode our resilience? I’m curious: what practices build up our ‘resiliency bank account?’ And most of all, I am … read more.

Sunday Service

Join us at 9:45 a.m. as we welcome Carla Pryne and her talk on “Mary Oliver and the Poetics of Trust.”

In RE this week, we’ll be exploring what it means to trust each other. The 3-6 yrs class will do a group art project of … read more.

Other Eyes Than Ours

Kinship, compassion and delight: reflections on our relationship with the natural world, especially the animals – both great and small. With Maury Islander Carla Pryne, retired Episcopal priest, co-founder and first Executive Director of Earth Ministry. Bring a photo or something that represents an animal … read more.