Speaker: Rev. Amanda Aikman

A Bittersweet Season

The most profound experiences of longing and sorrow are inextricably bound together with joy and beauty. Poignant feelings of nostalgia, regret, yearning are precisely what make us wholly human. Especially at this time of year, we are invited not to avoid, but to open our … read more.

Fear and Faith

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The Rev. Amanda Aikman is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister. She served congregations in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia for 23 years and is now working on a … read more.

Donning the Garment of Praise

For Advent, a look at an ancient prophecy. A promise. And a star. Join us for Sunday Service.

This week in RE, Nancy Scott-Wienker and RE committee member, Catherine Sullivan will lead a session on guiding stars: Star of Bethlehem, Star of David, North Star, Solstice … read more.

True Courage

“We may tend to think of soldiers and warriors when we think of courage. Unitarian minister John Haynes Holmes was a pacifist during World War I. It took enormous courage to resist the tide of propaganda and jingoism of the time. What kinds of courage … read more.

Loneliness and the Growth of Fascism

How does the common lack of a “hometown gym on a Friday night feeling” contribute to our alienation and rage? How can we create “thick” communities that preserve and promote democracy and peace?


This Sunday we welcome back Rev. Amanda Aikman who will speak to us about “Belonging.”

In RE this week we’ll be going on a journey of justice. We will look at famous signs used in marches, find commonalities, and make our own! Bring passion and creativity.