Topic: Curiosity

Loneliness and the Growth of Fascism

How does the common lack of a “hometown gym on a Friday night feeling” contribute to our alienation and rage? How can we create “thick” communities that preserve and promote democracy and peace?

VIUF Annual Meeting

Please plan to join us for the annual meeting that will be held on Sunday, May 19. More information about the meeting will be sent to you soon. If you are a member and are not able to attend, you can print out a … read more.

Curiosity: The Beginning of Wisdom

Rev. Carla Pryne will offer reflections and conversation in “Curiosity: The Beginning of Wisdom.” When we’re curious, we leave familiar ground, reconnect to our inherent innocence, and open our hearts to what we do not know.

In RE this week, we will begin with a Mother’s Day … read more.

Questions and Curiosity

RE will be leading the service this week with a presentation on the topic of “Questions and Curiosity.” The kids have artwork to share and a story to present about the astronomer and Unitarian Universalist, Clyde Tombaugh. Spoiler: He discovered Pluto!