Topic: Possibility

Anti-perfectionists, Unite!

Perfection is a truly pernicious and even destructive concept.  How did it come into being, and how can we liberate ourselves from it?”

This week in RE, we start our Mystery Pals activity! If you signed up, look out for an email detailing your code name … read more.

Reflections and Voices on Migration

Human rights activists, Rob Crawford and Merna Ann Hecht, will share their reflections on migration, asylum seekers and closed borders from their recent travels to Europe for further study concerning the migration crisis.  Our community offering/collection will go towards Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest … read more.

The Invoice

We welcome back Rev. Amanda Aikman who will tell us a fable about how a huge invoice leads a man to solve the mystery of what makes a life of happiness and meaning.

In RE this week, we’ll be exploring Impossible Possibilities!  What was once considered … read more.