Topic: Reverence

Gifts of the Dark

In our part of the world, short days and long nights can feel rather grim. Our minister, the Rev. Heather Christensen, drawing on her time spent living in Alaska, will speak about strategies for embracing the darkness of the season, and discovering its rich gifts.

A Spirituality of the Body

On this second Sunday of the Christian season of Advent, we will consider how scandalous it was for the early Christian Church to declare that Jesus was “the Word made Flesh.” Our minister, the Rev. Heather Christensen, will speak about embodied spirituality.

Loving the Questions

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations enjoy the “Question Box Sermon” tradition. Bring your questions about Unitarian Universalism, life and death, love and heartbreak. Our minister, the Rev. Heather Christensen, will respond—on the spot!

With Minds that Think

Each Sunday we send the children to their classes with the words, “We are Unitarian Universalists, with minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that are ready to serve.” Join our Director of Religious Education, Indigo Lewis, for an intergenerational service considering the important … read more.

How Do We Grieve?

At this time of year, many cultures have traditions of remembering those who have died. Our minister, the Rev. Heather Christensen, will speak about the resources Unitarian Universalism offers to those who grieve, not just the loss of loved ones, but other losses as well.

Beloved Community

Get ready for a different Sunday experience…. Hope you’re ready for it. The more the merrier! Whoo Hoo! Bob and Alix will lead it, with a little help from our BYOBS (Build Your Own Belief System) group. Get ready – Get Set – Come on … read more.