Topic: Story

Our Thanksgiving Stories

Our service will start out with a cider and cornbread communion.

Once Upon a Time

As Matt says, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.”  If Shakespeare was right about this…why do we continue to produce so many tragedies?  Join us for an examination of the transformative power of story in our individual … read more.

Journey to the Borderlands

In April, 8 youth from University Unitarian Church (UUC) and one youth from VIUF traveled to the US-Mexico border to learn about immigration issues. The trip was led by Fred Capestany and Alessandra Roup. A service by part of the group will be held on … read more.

Why do we share our stories?

Why do stories help us believe something more strongly than a list of statistics?  Shauna Ahern, a lifelong writer who now shares stories for a living, will talk about the power of stories as a means to help us understand our own lives.  Service begins … read more.